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May we help you ?
Are you University Academic who is struggling to find free electronics engineering resource to do design/prototype work for your special need? Our team is ready to help you to do the design work so that you can concentrate on research part.

  • Tell us your specification
  • Get quote from us
  • We will build the product and delivere to you

“... Time lost is time lost. It’s gone forever. Some people tell themselves that they will work twice as hard tomorrow to make up for what they did not do today. People should always do their best. If they work twice as hard tomorrow, then they should have also worked twice as hard today. That would have been their best. ...”

John Wooden

Electronic Design Services
No job is too big or too small for us. We provide custom electronics design through prototype and production services covering wide area in the electronic. We provide accelerated hardware and software design services including:

  • Analog Electronics
  • Digital Electronics
  • Firmware & Embedded SW
  • PCB Design
  • RF and Wireless circuits