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USB Radar Control and Acquision System (uRCS)

uRCS is a USB bus powered Radar Control and Data Acquisition System. It provides all necessary timing signals which is required to control a Pulsed Radar. It can provide Trigger, Tx Gate, Rx Gate and other general input/output to control relays for beam steering and/or other modules.

It also includes 4 channels Direct Digital Synthesiser (DDS). Output of this can be used for Local Oscillator and Reference for up-converter.

uRCS has two DC analogue output channels which can be used to control the external receiver gain. There is a Test signal output, that can be used to simulate Doppler shift at any range gate.

uRCS application software runs on PC and acquired data is archived in the hard drive. Post processing on the archived data can be easily done on MATLAB.


USB BUS powered

Data transfer rate
4 MB/s
Max. PRF
200 kHz
Max. Resolution

1000 ns

Min. Sample Start
1000 ns
No of Gates
< 200
Frequency range

500kHz to 120MHz

DDS resolution
32 bit
10 bit
14 bit
DDS channels
Number of GPIO
DAC output
0 to 2V (10bit)

160mm x 160mm x 30.5mm